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Agri Slag

Agricultural Slag is the manufacturing residue from the manufacture of Steel; it has a high neutralising value and Calcium content, as well as a being rich in slow release phosphate and trace elements.

Typically a 2500kg/ha application of Agri Slag supplies 50kg/ha of Phosphate, as well as supplying the equivalent of applying 2500kg/ha of lime.  Ideally applied to slightly acid fields for better results, Agri Slag has proven over many years to be a grassland favourite where a trace element boost has been required and also an alternate slow release phosphate supply where liming is needed in Arable situations.

Agri Slag is supplied in bulk and requires a wide belt fed spreader to apply properly.


Due to advancement of technology and processes over the last 5 years recycled gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) has become more widely and easily available.  It is known for its soil conditioning benefits along with the supply of readily available Sulphur and Calcium without affecting the soil pH.  It can also be used on salt water flooded land to reduce the affects of sodium. Gypsum encourages soil microbial activities and worm activity; and helps with friability and reduces compaction of soils.  It can also correct Calcium/Magnesium ratios in high Magnesium soils.

Supplied in 29 tonne bulk loads Gypsum should be applied using a wide belt fed spreader at application rates between 2500kg/ha – 5000kg/ha for best results.

Granular PK & Straights

Traditional bagged and bulk fertiliser is available in blended, compound or individual straight forms. We are happy to quote for your business from 5 tonne upwards, sourced from UK and imported manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products and competitive prices.

Winter Services

We can undertake snow clearing and gritting services for private and public organisations. A wide range of equipment is available from clearing footpaths with either a small quad bike mounted plough and salt grit spreader to car park and road clearance operations with JCB telehandlers and larger tractor-drawn trailed salt and grit spreaders. We can also supply road gritting salt at competitive prices in bulk.


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