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Typical Pure Cake



Typical Pure Cake                                                                                                



These figures are based on recent product analysis and nutrient availability based on RB209 figures

Allowances should be made for organic nutrients when planning further fertiliser applications.

These are average figures of all STWs to provide a guide, your FSA will discuss the analysis from a specific

STW further with you. You will also be given the full analysis of the specific product once delivered.




Emma Marsland - 07791 516199 (Contract Manager)


Neil Fewlass - 07850 830459

(East Yorkshire)


Matthew Jones - 07836 579379

 (North & West Yorkshire)

Nigel Mason - 07706 286609



Will Green  -07929 376390

(South Yorkshire)


Chris Bird - 07973 976701

(West & Central Yorkshire)


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