Robinson Contract Services


We are currently looking for existing Land Reclamation/ Restoration sites that have existing Permits or Deployments with the following EWC codes.







RCS is very keen to explore new opportunities and join forces with companies who are working on new deployments to either find the suitable materials for your site and/or provide haulage and operational services, etc.  Specifically, new opportunities in Land Restoration projects within the Yorkshire region - be it on-farm or commercial. 



This includes:


Closed Inert landfill Sites

Quarries & Redundant Coal Collieries

Brownfield non-agricultural land

RCS can provide a wide range of organic wastes onto non-agricultural land ecological improvement sites; and there are significant economic incentives available for such suitable sites.

RCS works closely with Earthcare Technical Ltd to make sure that the deployment process with the Environment Agency is thorough and meets all regulation and Codes of Practice. This service means that the input required from a farmer is minimal and the approvals process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.  RCS are able to manage the whole procedure from start to finish including all paperwork, sourcing of organics, haulage and ground works.

If you think you have a suitable site or would like to discuss further any options or opportunities, please call Emma on 07791 516199 or email

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