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Agricultural Lime


Robinson Contract Services (RCS) offer an experienced lime testing, delivery and spreading service, using the latest technology and equipment but backed up by over three decades of history and expertise in the Agricultural Lime industry.


Liming can hold the key to improving crop growth, yield potential and crop vigour by limiting the affects of acidity in the soil. Acidity affects the availability of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash along with Calcium & Magnesium. It is a basic of good arable practice to ensure your fields are at the optimum pH to ensure the maximum effectiveness of fertiliser applied to fields.  Regular liming helps with maintaining good soil structure and free drainage, as well as boosting earthworm & micro-organism activity.




Our testing services range from basic an ‘in field’ type using glass tubes and soil indicator liquid to GPS mapping and reporting.



Once a requirement has been identified, our FACTS trained sales advisors can suggest a tailored solution to meet your individual farm requirement based on cropping rotations, deficiency levels and historic information. This could be a blanket application of full or part fields, through to full GPS guided variable rate application using one of our modern fleet of low ground pressure, self propelled Terragators or trailed Bredal spreaders.  All are self contained ‘one man operator’ units with the capability to spread in excess of 400 tonnes per day.                 

We supply only the highest quality locally sourced liming products either Calcareous chalk, Magnesium or Carboniferous limestone, all with excellent neutralising values and high calcium or magnesium contents (depending on type used).  Using our own dedicated haulage fleet we can ensure that lime deliveries are co-ordinated to match spreading schedules and customer requirements.         







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