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Fibrophos is a concentrated compound fertiliser of organic origin rich in phosphate and potash with sulphur, magnesium, calcium and sodium and significant quantities of trace elements.

Fibrophos is created by the incineration of poultry manure as a ‘Green Renewable’ fuel for state of the art renewable electricity power stations. The residue ash from the furnace is a pure fertiliser containing all the plant nutrients (except nitrogen) which were present in the poultry feed.

Fibrophos is a renewable and sustainable nutrient source which does not use up ever-reducing mineral resources such as phosphate and potash.

Fibrophos is unique; it may be different in appearance, being a course grey powder, but Fibrophos performs equally as well as conventional fertilisers.  All of its nutrients are held in a complex compound which releases them back in exactly the same ratio as they were removed by the growing crop - after all it is produced by manure from cereal feed poultry.

Farmers who have been spreading Fibrophos for a number of years now are noticing a build up and a stable balance of their soil indices. This is due to the steady release of it nutrients overtime, supplying the growing plant with nutrients, especially phosphate and potash as it requires it though its growth stages ensuring the best possibility of healthy and strong crops. The secondary and trace elements contained in Fibrophos help to supply a much needed boost to a plant as it grows rather than once a deficiency is seen and remedial action has to be undertaken.

High soil pH doesn’t affect the release of P&K which can be a problem with some fertilisers. Fibrophos has proven to be as effective as triple superphosphate (TSP) and Muriate of potash (MOP) at a wide range of soil pHs.

All grades of Fibrophos are sold as Compound Fertilisers as defined on page 46 of the UK Fertiliser Regulations 1991 and supported by an appropriate statutory statement. Fibrophos Ltd are members of the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC).


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