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Phosphate-rich fertiliser for Britain's arable farmers


P-grow is a sustainable fertiliser that releases phosphate in both immediate and gradual forms providing phosphate as the crop grows and requires, as well as building up soil nutrient levels. P-grow is not easily leached and can be applied at any time by your local contractor, either annually, biannually or GPS variable application rates - saving you valuable time at peak periods as well as money.

P-grow is a totally natural, environmentally friendly and renewable phosphate fertiliser with valuable calcium content. It is produced from modern, renewable powered electricity generating power stations. After the feedstock fuels incineration the residue ash is high in phosphate, rich in calcium with a valuable content of secondary and trace elements.

P-grow is coarse and light brown in appearance and is similar to Fibrophos in spreading characteristics. Spreading of P-grow is undertaken using one of our fleet of modern KRM Bredal spreaders, two of which are mounted on are low-ground pressure self propelled Terragators.  The remaining two are trailed type machines. All are GPS equipped to ensure accurate application of materials.

If you have had your fields GPS nutrient mapped P-grow is ideally suited to be applied using one of our variable rate equipped spreaders. The machines are compatible with all the major mapping software providers so getting P-grow where it is needed on the field is just a click of a button away.  Link to P-grow website



                                                                                                                                           British fertiliser for British Farmers



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