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Nutrient Mapping & Soils Analysis



Precision Farming

PhieldteK is our GPS soil sampling and analysis service, which is a precision mapping and management tool that allows you to individually tailor your fertiliser requirements to increase yields, reduce inputs and increase profits.

GPS mapping using quad bikes and a 1ha grid sampling system and multiple sub samples within each grid give a more accurate reflection of your soils nutrient levels. This information allows the better planning of P, K, Mg & lime applications in specific areas rather than blanket applications.

Our PhieldteK service offers a 4-year fertiliser plan based on what your soil actually needs to maximise its potential yields and profit. Typical savings using targeted inputs are in excess of 20%.






Variable Rate Application

Once you have had GPS sampling undertaken and detailed nutrients maps have been generated, the next step is to get your nutrients applied variably. There are some options here, we can supply you with a comprehensive spreading service from self-propelled low ground pressure Terragators to trailed machines; or alternately we can provide you with digital spreading data for you to use on your own machine; or colour application maps to allow targeting of inputs manually.












Skirlaugh AFC Juniors (under 15's) Sponsorship

We are proud sponsors of Skirlaugh AFC Juniors (under 15's)

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YAMS 2018 & Agrii show 2018

A big thankyou to everyone that came and visited us at the shows despite the weather,

we look forward to seeing you next year.

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